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With the intensity of gun violence and terrorism increasing over the last two decades, the tragic impact of these attacks has spread to more countries around the world. Since many recent threats have targeted public access areas ahead of the security checkpoints, a better security solution is needed.

Seeing recent advances in security monitoring technologies, a layered approach to security has become a highly effective and increasingly affordable measure for anyone looking to protect people and property from harm. The probability of preventing harm from an active threat increases significantly the sooner that threat is detected.

Map showing the number of shootings in america and how deadly they were

Source: Tracking Shootings in America, Wall Street Journal, April 2018

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Ideal for any layered approach to securing public safety, Syght sensors are able to scan high-throughput public venues and provide perimeter stand-off detection. The sensors deliver video-rate quality imagery with high enough resolution to detect potential threats at a great enough distance to deal with the threat.

Unlike traditional security screening methods, which require subjects to remove contents from their pockets and pass through narrow portals to be scanned for concealed weapons, Syght sensors detect potential threats through clothes, crowds, walls and other obscurants. The sensors do not emit any radiation or other harmful effects on humans or the environment. The mobility and flexibility of Syght’s sensors ensure this solution can be installed anywhere — even in covert locations.

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