Bob Warren headshot

Bob Warren

Principal Engineer

Bob is the architect and engineer for the electronics and software of our product. He has  over 25 years of experience leading system architecture and design for several different product types, including Disk Drives, SSDs, Fingerprint ID Systems and Storage Controllers.

Prior to joining Syght, Bob was a consultant to an MRAM design company. Bob has worked for Seagate and Western Digital, as Chief Architect, and with Micron Architecting, a next generation Enterprise SSD controller. Bob has architected more than 50 ASICs for a diverse range of products, and has developed FPGA platforms to validation, verification, and production. Bob designed and built an SSD for Micro Technology in 1997 utilizing DRAM and a battery backup with a fault tolerant backplane design that would allow massive component failure with complete error recovery of the data. Bob has also participated in several embedded control symposiums, and given two keynote addresses.

Raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota Bob received an associate degree  in engineering from Dunwoody Industrial Institute. Later he returned to school for a BS and MS degree. Bob has has lived in Colorado for 20 years, in the same home with his wife of 32 years. They have three grown children, all of which currently reside in Colorado as well. Bob enjoys archery, model building, open wheel auto racing and taking care of his 1 acre lawn. .